Plan B following the Evergreen Operation! Cancer will Completely Disappear!

Well Now … (Let’s Ask the Question) What sort of a Process (Plan) will follow from now onwards? What will happen? What’s the Plan?
This project was named the Artificial Lifestyle Project! That’s what it was called!
Plan was to poison the Earth’s soil following the Covid 19 Pandemic project: The name of the project following Covid was the Artificial Life Project!
First Project was called Plandemy immediately followed by The Second Project: Artificial Life
One second, let’s pause here for a moment, so that I understand what’s going on (Ferda Yildirim)
We are trying to interpret the process here that started with Coronavirus.
Mr Kaan Sariaydin explained this already in the beginning (of our TV Program). We are NOT saying that Coronavirus doesn’t exist, there is a virus!
What we  are saying : It is NOT a  Pandemic , (It was planned and executed). Mr Kaan Sariaydin said it isn’t a Pandemic, but it’s called a Plandemic.
This process (Timeframe) that we left behind we call Plandemy (Plandemic) is being replaced by what? 
If this (Evergreen) was all successful what would have followed?
The Artificial Life Project (Kaan Sariaydin)
The Artificial Life Project? (Ferda Yildirim)
Was this project completely cancelled then (Prevented) or… is it still on (valid)?
Now, let me explain! This would have been the new Invasion Project, the Artificial Life Project. This was prevented! Plan was to poison the earth (soil), but…
In other words It is no longer valid then? (Ferda)
In other words crook’s (Bill Gates’) land acquisitions are now scrap (Useless)! LOL LOL LOL
Hmmmm So he wasted all that money on all this agricultural land then?
Yeaaaaaah , really I can’t stop laughing J
He can probably use it for something else, sometime A? (Ferda)
(It’s) a tremendously, comical event! Right? And this was a (big) slap from Allah(God) as well
Because they have no religion, all these people. (Because) They don’t believe in God (Allah), that’s why they can’t see these plans (God’s Plans)
The Artificial Life Project was scrapped! Wasn’t it?
Yes (Ferda)
Now, let’s see what’s going to happen following the Plandemy
Global Capitalist Powers have prepared for this!
Towards the end of 1st part you explained this, Now I feel you are about to reveal something Shocking, that’s what I feel…
Really we have no clue what you are about to tell, however I understood the following, in other words even though the Artificial Life Project and the plans to poison the earth (land) was scrapped (prevented), they’ve got another project, Plan B lined up instead!
What’s this Plan B about? What’s Awaiting Humanity?
Now they managed to put in good use The Plandemy Plan! And (they) were quite successful in this by their own standards.
They couldn’t implement the Artificial Life Project, but they always had a spare (alternative) project lined up just in case!
This Project is the Triple U project!
They’ve actually already been practising this on us (Humanity) for a while
What is the Triple U Project?
Put them to Sleep, Make them Forget, Drug them to Death ( U Use Drugs, U Sleep, U Forget), if you’d like to understand the whole is picture here…
Triple U project? (Ferda)
Yes Yes
U must Sleep, U must Forget, U must Use Drugs! This Project for years has already been implemented on humanity!
Using Perception, using Psychotropic Drugs this is actually one of the most serious problems in society today.
They have declared, announced issues that are barely an illness, that actually have no grounds to be an illness, an illness voted to be one just by the rise of hands.
I mean those people who call themselves “psychiatrists” since 1950s’ have been attacking humanity ever since.
You could have all sorts of traumas, your phone may fall down and brake. This is some sort of a trauma for some people.
They just fabricated all these illnesses so they can drug people with these Psychotropic Drugs. Didn’t they do this? They did!
Now, what they are going to do this time around?
One of Globalist largest weapons, alongside money and arms what is it? It’s the Health Industry
We have already seen it how well it works during the Plandemy. This time will be quite different!
This will be approached in quite an Interesting way. This process will have two legs, first they will lure you in (come come) and then they will land a slap. That’s the Strategy!
These (Globalists) must have mastered martial arts very well, because they will do it this way…
What the biggest malady (disease) troubling humanity (except Covid) ? CANCER!
They are going put a full stop on CANCER!!!
Aggghhhh  (Ferda)
Maximum in 1 year, Cancer just like tuberculosis will be ended using a vaccine once for all.
And just when this disease is taking its new place in the scrapyard of History,
But but but surely something worse should be replacing it so it’s worth scrapping cancer for them?
I told you didn’t I? First they will appear friendly and say Come, come (my friend) I will sort your Cancer, and just when you come close they will land their Slap!
Now they are going to do this! This Drug Industry will soon very quickly will release a drug, medically known as a cure for Anxiety problems. This Triple U drugs will put U to sleep, make U forget and will quickly lead to personality change in you
and will genetically result in number of Health Problems. Those drugs that cause this will be introduced to market within few months.
Now let’s have a look from Psychological angle how this is going to look
Do you know what actually happened here?
They’ve shut everyone indoors! They distanced all people from each other, pushed people to their lonely corners, caused economic pressure, stress, fear of death and worry about their future. Didn’t they?
Fear of something happening to your children, Fear of what’s your future going to be like; all these events accompanied with digitalizing was an attack on you! What happens as a result of this?
Well pretty much all people developed some (health) problems, Psychologically!
Yes They Have!(Ferda)  Here is a Research about Turkey (on the Main screen), not only Turkey it’s been done in 30 countries on behalf of World Economic Forum.
Turkey with a high of 60% from all participants has topped the survey as the highest country suffering from mental and spiritual health disorder caused by Covid 19 Pandemic!
I repeat! Turkey with a high of 60% has topped the survey as the highest country suffering from mental and spiritual health deterioration caused by Covid 19 Pandemic!
Please start from here
Now let me remind you what I said when this all started going back to February March 2020…
What we said back then? This (Plandemic) will properly ruin people’s psychology, If all (restrictions) these are put to practice. They have! Haven’t They?
Now what happened? Let me give you some data as all this will gradually become daily talk: 2/3 of the population has got sleeping disorder, I mean Seriously …
In reality maybe more than 2/3 of the population even children have sleeping problems. THAT’S 1
2 Eye (Vision) Problems. And this is their 2nd Weapon. 2/3 of the population has started to develop Vision Problems now.
These are not coincidences! This will increase with the time! Do you know what is going to happen?
I am revealing these (secret) projects live here as I have always done!
You All, Jot this down! We’ll witness all these as we live on!
Don’t say I didn’t tell you! We are revealing this now so you are aware, awake and ready!
Don’t fall in this trap like you did with Covid! But most likely high probability people will fall in this trap once again.
This what’s awaiting us actually is much worse than Covid !
How then they are going hit us this Time, enlighten me on this please?  (Ferda)
You’re going to be given drugs to prevent this! Now, to overcome you Anxiety…
Do you know what’s going to happen? There is the following phenomenon a socio psychological phenomenon!
People are no longer visiting doctors anymore, most people! I included! Me too!
What! You will go to your doctor for a check-up. They will tell you No first you need a Covid test (before you are seen)! All this what a nonsense…
People I know, none of them visit their doctors anymore. Yes people don’t go to doctors but all people have got some sort of problems going.
And these people when the Covid issues start fading will rush in to medical services, most of all to psychiatry departments!
What’s going to happen? Anxiety drugs will start being prescribed!
But they will be all New, New Type of Drugs!
New Type? (Ferda)
These (drugs) won’t be loudly promoted, no! Gradually, quietly they will enter the market AND
Vision Problems will escalate!
Why Vision?  (Ferda)
There is a good reason for that too! These are all part of the plan!
Now once they start prescribing Eye Drops against vision problems,
these Eye Drops and (Anxiety) drugs will alter the genetics of people! Now, BE CAREFULL!!!
Mr Kaan (Sariaydin) what are you talking about? This time you really scared us! (Ferda)
This Time? I told you as it is! I don’t like talking about this either because when we are revealing these projects in advance people don’t realize that the solution is very simple (Easy)!
GO BACK TO YOUR CORE VALUES!!! Acknowledge your existence first! This is my message to you
Trust your Nation, trust your Country (Turkey) I say all the time. People think that I am talking nonsense
They go round and round and fall in that trap again and again!
You know when couples call their partners when returning from work and ask their other halves:
Darling what should I buy from the shops on the way home? Time will come when they’ll not only ask for  a Loaf of bread, but they’ll also ask for couple of packs of these Eye Drops and Couple of packs of X medicine
People will start consuming these drugs as if consuming bread!
Why Eyes, Why Vision? (Ferda)
They will use Eye Drops as if they are drinking water.  Why I will get to this? I am telling you THIS IS THE PROJECT!
Now if I have to tell you all the Ins and Outs of these time won’t be enough. We don’t have time. I had to tell all these in a rush (In order to fit all in the Timeframe allocated). I had to Compress all this.
Later, we can do a TV program on each of these subject in detail
Noooowww… These are planned moves. We know them (the plans) and that’s why we are revealing these!
Planned moves! And these projects will all come to life soon!
Will come to life!!!
You see what they have done! What we have been saying from the beginning?
We said from the beginning: It’s not about Social Distancing, aim is to create Physical Distancing between people, isn’t it?
Then a handful of “doctors” and media presenters appeared on the Screens all day all night, and all their job was pumping FEAR (False Events Appearing Real) in peoples’ minds
You pushed people in that lonely corner, didn’t you? Human’s nature is about being a human first of all!
Do you know how it is? Human becomes (feels) a Human with other humans around him!
Then It’s all about… You know what they say, some friends call this the Antichrist’s (Dajjal’s) project and yes, this all is part of this (project). They are pushing people into that lonely corner!
A Lonely person gets sick! They distanced people from their Core Values! They took peoples’ cultural values away!
They isolated people from their communities, partners, friends! They worked this plan step by step
You See …This is all interlinked! You can’t look at this individually! You won’t see the whole picture if you say: it just as a virus! This is not how it works! All this is interlinked and intertwined!
These are very Comprehensive Projects!
I have also got a difficult job on my hand here, in this limited time we have we can’t get in the finer details. Time is not sufficient and we can’t do a TV programs every day, can we?  My time is restricted, yours too…
Right! I will give you the solution to all these (problems)! To All! Don’t Worry!
You said Eyes (Vision), insomnia …
Yes I got worried! (Ferda) 
let’s wait and see! Let’s see first, once all I said today happens I will come here and play a clip that I told you about this well before.
I will show you then what we have to do then! Let’s see first if humanity has learned from the past events (mistakes).
People have been Slapped once already (with Covid), and if again they get spanked from the same side… (Sorry you haven’t been paying attention!)
Every man is responsible for his own actions, but if they get what I said when it all starts: Of course there is a solution!

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