The Front-line of Humanity

Despair has arisen like a black gloom upon societies around the world. My soul heard a loud voice crying out looking for Brave Hearts that will invade the cities of darkness. Souls, Hearts have heard the voices of their forefathers alive and dead, screaming from under and above the ground the love of the country, the flag and the nation…. DON’T BE AFRAID!

We had men with long beards, sad faces, tired bodies, telling the history of their forefathers. Men who came out of the battlefields screaming from the bottom of their hearts why they died, why they fought, Values they guarded.

If we didn’t fight, with our slanting eyes from far Asia and with our red beards from Cuba how Bosnian mothers’ tears would ever stop?

If we don’t fight, will the child of a martyr father see their fathers again; will the pain in the hearts of the martyrs’ mothers ever stop?

Yes, if we do not fight, will our children, the children of the next generation be able to fall in love again?

If we do not fight, will fathers, brothers of an Anatolian bride see their veil; tie the red belt in trust with pride?

If we do not fight can families send their bride away with a blessing, give in trust the flag formed with god’s will, god’s book and forefathers’ blood.

If we don’t fight do you think this will continue to happen?

Of Course not…


Yes, of course we will fight! We will fight for Kizil Elma (the Red/Golden Apple). We will fight in daily life and on the battleground! We will fight in union, we will fight by producing, we will fight and we will win!

We will be the lungs of Planet Earth!

We will clear this poison spilled all around the world!

We will unite and become the Garden of Eden once more.

Then we will bond. Then we will become The Rainforests of the Earth again.

The whole world will chant the people of Anatolia…


While Lion Hearts (our armies) carry on pouring gunpowder and hydrogen on the Globalist Monopolist Capitalist Usurers (Dajjal/Antichrist) on the battlefield, we will continue fighting the enemy with the same drive off the field. We shall do so using our tongue, mind and body as bullets against those Global usurers.

Our Bullets will be productivity! Our bullets will be science! Our bullets will be unity, being together and standing up for each other!

We will drive these (Usurers) to the end of the barrel and chant the target is KIZIL ELMA (Red/Golden Apple)! We will give confidence to humanity, not the burdens of occupation! There isn’t a single nation in the history of the World that did not need the grace of our forefathers, who ruled the World for Centuries and founded numerous civilizations…

Unfortunately nowadays the Whole World needs us more than it ever did in History…

We shall tell the truth and only but the truth about the dirty games played in the world. We shall disrupt those games in their infancy and liberate all imprisoned in darkness!

A handful of usurers (Dajjal/Antichrist) have decided to destroy our world, assimilate cultures, slaughter people, destroy all nations, states, and establish a new world order.

We shall spoil their game (party)! Not only in the name of Turkish people, but we shall stop their plans in the name of humanity!

We shall spoil their game with the help of German, French, English, Italian, and all other patriots around the world!

The whole world will understand the nature of Kizil Elma (the Red/Golden Apple) that has been entrusted to us for centuries.

The whole world will understand and accept that Turks, Anatolian people are not barbarians, but Turks are actually humanity’s very own shield.


Kizil Elma (the Red/Golden Apple) doesn’t mean war against other Nations! NO, NO! Kizil Elma is not after people’s lands, beliefs, languages, and cultures; on the contrary, our forefathers were aware that these days will come, and named Kizil Elma a target for all humanity, and set it as a goal for the liberation of all nations. We shall stay together! We will guard humanity together!

We shall stay united and will be together with our German, English, French, Italian brothers and the people of all Nations, all people who feel human in their heart!

We will unite because we are only HUMAN, regardless of language, religion, race or sect!…


Now in Globalists new world nations, states, ethnic identities are completely being destroyed. On one side we have humans, Nations standing against the Globalist Monopolistic deceivers (Dajjal/Antichrist) and their employees (whom they employed as) head of our societies and nations, on the other.


We will disrupt these games, and then the whole world will realize and understand that Kizil Elma’s (the Red/Golden Apple) goal is not a territorial expansion or an invasion, but the Kizil Elma’s (Red/Golden Apple) main goal is to disrupt the game of the Globalist usurers (the Dajjal/Antichrist).

The Armies of the antichrist will find the last army of the prophet against them on the battlefields. There is no problem at all there! No problem at all facing the enemy at the gunpowder scented battlefronts!


Dear souls, people are oppressed, people are angry, people are held in captivity! We will walk together in villages, towns, districts, provinces, cities, metropolises and states. We will do so all over the world without discriminating language, religion, race or sect, and we will grow bigger and bigger with the goals of Kizil Elma (Red/Golden Apple). Yes we will unite with all people around the world; we will grow to thousands and millions…


I, Kaan Sarıaydin (@kaansariaydin1); I was as patient as a Moses in the pharaohs’ palace. I dedicated a lifetime of education to their greatest secret weapon, Metasophie.

Day after day, loop by loop I weaved my patience. All my life I served no one but my state, I wholly dedicated myself to the Kizil Elma (Red/Golden Apple) ideology and its goals…


As previously announced live on TV, me and my dear brother Mesud Habib Sali (@mesud.sali), who lives in England, are putting our Mavi Gazetem (Blue Gazette online News Portal), Mavi Strategy (Blue Strategy Digital Magazine)Mavi Economy (Blue Economy Digital Magazine) and Kizil Elma Ocaklari (Red/Golden Apple Union) projects in motion!

These projects will form the Battlefronts in this War. (against Global Usurers)

My Dear Brother, İhsan Bingöl (@ihsanbingol) took over the general coordinator responsibility of Kizil Elma Ocaklari Project (Red/Golden Apple Union).

My dear sister Gizem Özkan (@gizemyozkan) headed the Kizil Elma Ocaklari (Red/Golden Apple Ladies Union Presidency) Presidency of women’s branches abroad. My dear sister Özlem Öztürk (@ozlemozturk896) became a Mavi Gazetem project representative in both the Black Sea Region and Europe. My dear daughter Tuana Sariaydin (@tuana.sariaydin) and my dear son Tarkan Sariaydin (@tarkan.sariaydin) undertook the duties to represent the Kizil Elma Ocaklari (Youth Red/Golden Apple Union) Youth Formation’s side of the organization.


We are walking on this beautiful, glorious path together with many other brothers and sisters, and I will share those names with you in the very near future. With God’s Grace I hope this movement will become the starting point of a giant awakening for all of humanity.

Praise be to god, since day one thousands of patriotic, human-loving people been unconditionally supporting us and have been ready and willing to be a part of this process.

In this process, all battlefronts actually do serve a single purpose! In other words all these projects namely Kizil Elma Ocaklari (Red/Golden Apple Union), Mavi Gazette, Mavi Strategy and Mavi Economy form the spearhead against Global Usurers (Dajjal/Antichrist).


I, Kaan Sarıaydın hereby I declare that I will fight till I die

Comrades, citizens of my own country, my country’s citizens living abroad, all citizens of the world and all ethnic groups in various states around the world, listen well!

This is a Declaration of War against the Devil’s Soldiers (Managements); this is a Declaration of War against Global Capitalist Monopolist Power, and most of all this is a Call for Unity.


Our Goal is to reach Kizil Elma (Red/Golden Apple)! Kizil Elma means a Holy war against the soldiers of the Devil who have taken over the whole world under their influence. Devil’s soldiers are after innocent people’s land, life and freedom from all nations. And this is an invitation to all humanity to unite against the Devil and its Army.


This is an open invitation to you all; this is a call for you all to join us on the battlefield and fight! Here on this battlefield we are fighting with the purpose of reaching Kizil Elma (Red/Golden Apple). This spiritual ideology has been entrusted to us by my forefathers to guide us in our struggle against Devil’s soldiers so that we can protect the sovereignty of all nations for all of Humanity! …


By uniting we’ll build our strengths and by revealing their dirty intensions, we will weaken, repel, smash and eventually destroy the enemy.


All states around the world will understand that the Turks’ Kizil Elma (Red/Golden Apple) goal doesn’t mean invasion, war or occupation, but to the contrary Turks’ Kizil Elma ideology is about resurrection of humanity, is about humanities struggle against oppression and most of all it is about being a HUMAN after all…


I, Kaan Sarıaydin; in this process, I prepared the entire legal infrastructure needed for our purpose.

Mavi Gazetem will issue Representation Offices all around the world, in every state, even in the smallest towns. Those of you who become Representatives will be legally shielded against any potential negative experiences. Representatives will be issued international press cards and even their legal status will be protected in international law.

Again, those of you who have requested to be a Representative, subject to approval of your application of course will be authorized with an agreement prepared by lawyers who have mastered international law. These lawyers are part of the Mavi Gazetem team and will be always available. All Representatives will be able to attend all sorts of state meetings all over the world, and be authorized to interview state officials using their press cards. We will be broadcasting live talks and interviews on our YouTube channel, which will be also linked to our website.


The World we live is facing a war never seen before. Nationalist states are facing the owners of Global Capital on this battlefield.


I, Kaan Sariaydin, invite you all Nationalist patriots from all states to join forces, unite, and engage with all your societies, fight shoulder to shoulder for our states, for our nations, for our tomorrows and bury these demons in this battlefield.

No matter what language you speak, no matter what religion you practice, no matter what’s the color of your skin, I can assure you all; your tears have the same color as mine…

With this in mind, I invite you all to call and follow Kizil Elma (Red/Golden Apple) to fight on this battlefront. Should you wish to be part of this Glorious Army and be at a command level a Representative, I invite you all to submit your application for an office in your region and become a pioneer in command, Should you wish otherwise then I invite you to be a soldier on the battlefield… Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth



You can submit your Applications by mailing ; you can also reach us by text on 00905449332750 via WhatsApp. If you are getting in touch via email please do not forget to write your phone number….


It is a time to leave our mark on history. Oh God, give us strength, do not leave our battleground, our army devoid of soldiers; O God, do not leave the masses waiting for heroes…




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