Turkey needs to issue a period of warning to Israel, Immediately!

This situation (event in Jerusalem) is both a necessity from a religious standpoint and it’s also a Historical Opportunity!

When Israel encounters such an attitude, the global power scales will completely change all of a sudden! The balances of power will change with immediate effect in the Middle East!

Today, Israel has no power to face a possible conflict with Turkey, even if it does, it does not have a leg to stand on or the strength to fight Turkey’s Army!

In a way, this (warning) is not only our responsibility (as Muslims), but it’s also a Historical Opportunity!

Currently behind the scenes a number of diplomatic discussions are taking place.

Right now Israel is like a fox trapped in a box and this time round we won’t witness the classic Ramadan months of the past (when spoilt child Israel caused trouble and went unpunished)! The whole world is focused on how Turkey’s going to respond to this and what move it’s going to make next.

Premature births may or may not happen in the coming hours/days, but this birth will definitely happen sooner or later! Turkey will sooner or later stamp its seal (authority) on this matter! Masjid (Mosque) al-Aqsa, the Masjid of the Prophet (Mohammed praise be upon him) soon will bring freedom to the Palestinian people and will be graced again with the seal of the Turks.

And of course we mustn’t forget that it’s necessary transfer some of the blame to the Palestinian state officials and they must be put in their too…

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