The Secret Contents of Ever Given / Evergreen Container Ship

My dear friends, in my first article I did inform you that I would produce a second article on this matter and I also stated that I would reveal what was this container ship loaded with …

My heart friends, the Evergreen incident was a move against Global Capital, this was a major act that would send a strong message to Global Capital just before the international climate conference to be held in April. Global Capital You Do Not Own This World!

Containers in this ship carried a special chemicals which use 5 G Transmitters’ radiation Beams that mix in with oxygen and in the process accelerates Climate Change. This situation was completely prevented; the material was seized and was destroyed!

Following the Covid 19 scam, the global capitalist powers’ plan was to put in motion the second scene of the movie and play the climate card. Unfortunately the process was interrupted by the Evergreen operation. Upon hearing the bad news, all of a sudden European countries started reporting higher Covid 19 cases and imposed new lock downs.  As you would appreciate, this event caused a major setback to the second phase of the game!

I would like to express my gratitude to all those who took part and interrupted this dirty process. Wow what a ship, wasn’t it?

Now since this plan was turned upside down, Global Capital Powers’ all business plans started to go wrong…

Mr. Biden had previously declared Turkey as an enemy, now all of a sudden we are friends again. While China was planning to vote to exclude Turkey from all conferences, following the Evergreen incident declared Turkey as an important country. Furthermore a country that was not invited to the climate conference was personally invited by Mr. Biden himself! Whatever happened unfortunately brought an end to Bill Gates’ ox gas and artificial meat project! How sad, billions are gone! …


Kaan Sariaydin

General Manager – Mavi Gazetem

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