The Solution to The Global Scam

The Solution to The Global Scam


As you all know, my articles and videos revealing the Evergreen Secret operation were first published in .. Mavi Gazetem news were shared by millions and caused quite a stir around the World. In the last week or so the whole world has been talking about the Mavi Gazetem news in awe. It’s shocking isn’t it? How misinformed people from all nations have been and haven’t got the slightest clue what their own governments are really up to! First time ever in the History of the Modern World Europe gains a piece of knowledge from a newly established Turkish digital portal; and is constantly sharing this valuable information via digital media with the rest of the planet.

As a consequence thousands of Americans, Britons, Germans, French and citizens of other nations have been phoning, mailing, demanding further knowledge and thanking us from the bottom of their heart…

This raises quite a few questions actually. Have we witnessed a major paradigm change in Europe, in the USA and in many countries around the world; did the mechanisms of the state shifted their axis?What is the reason why there is such a gap between the ruled and the rulers?I would like to address those issues first! While evaluating Europe on one hand, I will evaluate my homeland on the other…

Europe was formerly known as Crusaders Union in history! Germans, British, French, Italians and people of all other regions have now lost all their ties with their rulers! Reason being? Well, People and Nations of old are pretty much the same, but almost all their governors belong to some company’s management. What firm, which company’s management? Have a guess?

Well, those who singlehandedly would like to govern the world, those who have been looking to reduce the Planets’ population by employing their Technological Weapons, those who have been promoting the One Nation, One Flag, One Religion (i.e. No Religion) ideology – The Global Monopolies’ Management of course.

Heeey Europe, you are heading into a huge blaze, you are not questioning what is happening, but being questioned, and when the day comes, you will witness how these CEOs have taken your countries to the Satan’s abyss! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

You insist on believing the Covid 19 lie, which has no scientific explanation, what so ever, and you remain silent against the unjustified lockdowns.

In fact you really keep dying! Yes every day more and more of you keep disappearing not physically, but ethnically you keep dying! You are fast disappearing as a nation! Your governors swear allegiance to the USA!In fact, not only to the US, but your governors swears allegiance to the Globalists! Even though the USA is always trying to portray an image of strength to the rest of the World, it can no longer breathe just like our black brother who passed away trapped under policeman’s knee!…RIP

The truth I shared about the Evergreen incident has created a major shockwave around the world. Both, citizens of my country and the citizens of other nations have asked me to reveal all the facts about this issue. Of course, I will continue to talk about what happened behind the scenes and I will be live on TV again on Wednesday, April 21st, at 23:30 (GMT +2). On this TV program I will decipher the dirty plans of the globalists, be rest assured…

Now let’s discuss my own country (Turkey), yes Covid 19 cannot be questioned in my country, either! In my country, the lockdowns drove and are driving people mad! Unfortunately, in my country, people are also dying trapped in the same system! Unfortunately, 60 thousand people are diagnosed every day in my country, but no one knows who those 60,000 people are? No one knows how was the data obtained? Enigma. In my country, people are also diagnosed by pushing sticks up their noses.

In my country, people are also exposed to vaccine shenanigans. Unfortunately, in my country too, people are forced to take 8 different types of drugs a day, following a diagnosis that’s made by pushing a stick up their nose. Yes but, unfortunately, in my country there is much more to this than yours. Do you know what is though?

You are victimized only by those who rule you, but thankfully those who rule in my country do not pay allegiance to the United States, thanks god they do not swear allegiance either.

In my country for half a century, the company executives who have been assigned to rule your countries have unashamedly nurtured and supported traitors. Your so called rulers, I call them company executives as you already know, sponsored military coups in my country, caused and did set up devaluations, and worst of all caused brothers to slaughter each other for years!

They lied for years that you are strong and your future is bright. However, day by day they took away your countries’ sovereign rights, they allowed their bosses to indebt you up to your throat, in other words your leaders are after your homeland, and they are coming to repossess your home! Do you know the sad thing is? They couldn’t care less about you!

But in my country, for half a century, all our rulers have been passing the flag on, in other words have tried to do righty or wrongly everything possible to lift this beloved nation up.

Following the 2 World wars your Nations said: War is over let’s focus on industrialization, manufacturing and growth. However those who ruled you have managed to keep us in the psychology of the two world wars even until today. You declared that war is over and chose economic welfare. However you have been put to a sleep while living a comfortable life with good wages and job opportunities! Whilst asleep Three to Five loan sharks took over you family homeland! You kept sleeping!

But every ruler who was a statesman in this beloved nation kept saying: Homeland First! This beloved nation kept saying: Homeland First! Those who ruled this beloved nation kept and will keep saying: Homeland First!

Yes, today unfortunately we are also experiencing this Covid 19 Plandemic, but we are not feeling it as much as you do. Do you know what? When you shout out civilization, science, democracy, human rights; I’ll tell you: You do not respect your own lives, your own freedom! If you did, you wouldn’t be silent, and you wouldn’t have sworn allegiance to your governors…

We’ve learned not to trust you. We may have entered an economically difficult period. Despite the 30% traitors amongst us we are still very strong! Despite the keyboard braggarts false panic messages that we are hungry and starving we are still standing strong! You and your corporate leadership, who manage you, are well aware of this…

Yes, I will reveal all the facts to you both: my beloved nation’s dear citizens and your good selves, the people of Europe. Don’t worry, I will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.Simultaneously, when the following thought comes to mind: Oh No! We Have Been Scammed! I will show you where your medicine i.e. your antidote is!

You People shall find your answers and inner peace in the Ancients Anatolian lands (i.e. Turkey) where dear folks from ancient times called home. I know you may have perceived this as a very assertive statement.You may have thought: Are you kidding me, this Turkey?

In fact, in recent years you may have heard all around Europe the discourse that Turks (The Sick Man of Europe) have woken up, but note my words! You will find your remedy in this beloved nation…. Stay with love….

Kaan Sariaydin

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