The Truth About Suez Canal

In World History, Suez Canal has always been a critical pass. Britain has even gone as far as occupying Egypt for a period of time in order to take control of the canal. We can even trace identical Suez Canal Conflicts all the way back to 1st Century AC.  Even if we go back 1400 years we can see that the Suez Canal caused a major conflict between the merchants and the caliph Hz. Omar ibn-I Hattab. Unfortunately we are still experiencing similar struggles and intrigues in recent times. The same argument cropped up again as it did 1400 years due to Jewish tradesmen i.e. Israel’s discontent. The conflict that occurred centuries ago caused by Jewish Tradesmen is 100% identical to what is happening in Suez today. Ever Given Cargo Ship definitely was not experiencing technical problems! As I have always said, this is a struggle between Global Capitalists and Nationalist Countries’ Secret Services. It was an operation carried out by Israeli secret services (Mossad) against US Capitalist Monopolies and Global Capitalist Powers.

Of course, this process wasn’t only planned and carried by Israel itself. Quite a few Nationalist countries and their respective Secret Services were also engaged. Turkey’s loss in the Mediterranean and Middle East meant a loss to all states nearby. This is why, Turkey is very powerful in our Blue Waters (The Mediterranean)! Of Course Global Capital Powers are still standing against Turkey, however we can now say that pretty much all Nationalist Countries have interest and do support Turkey in its stand up to Global Capitalists. I have been saying this over and over again; Thanks God, The Perfectly Working Geopolitics machine keeps delivering in its all glory and I genuinely do hope it carries on doing so without losing volume or speed. My beautiful country is the strongest block in the New World Order!


Kaan Sariaydin

General Manager – Mavi Gazetem

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